Monday, April 16, 2012

Knowledge Is Power

Hello All,

I wanted to thank everyone that has supported me and checked out my blog. My ultimate goal for this blog is to be able to reach out the people and share the knowledge and experience that I have gained from my lessons and accomplishments in the horse industry today. I feel to reach my goal I need to know what you as the readers would like to know. Of course I will still be posting my advice and tips weekly but I would like to know any specific questions that you many have whether it be about Horse care or training.... Remember no question is a stupid question.

In today's world I look around and see there are a lot of horse owners that lack the basic horse knowledge.  Unfortunately there is a lot more to a horse than just jumping on their back and riding off. This is where people and/or horses get in trouble, anything having to do with a horse can be very dangerous and especially when lacking the 'horsey' knowledge it takes to handle them. Whether you are just handling a horse on the ground or on their backs you are training them, now this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the owner. A well mannered and good riding horse is normally the outcome of someone that can properly handle and ride. Majority of the time when you see a 'problem' horse its because the horse has not been properly handled and trained.  Also, this allows ANY horse to develop bad habits no matter what their previous training is.

Working together as one with the horse can lead to the most satisfying equine experience. Building a strong connection with the horses is key when training, it gives you a trust factor so the horses is more willing to learn. So let me help you have that satisfaction in the horse world and ask away!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Buying The Correct Horse For You

When looking for a horse, and this especially goes for first time buyer, doing your research is a must to figuring out exactly what you are looking for. There are a lot of owners that make the mistake of getting into to much of a hurry and buying the first horse they see or just lack the knowledge of what to look for in a potential horse. What some people don't realize is horses are not objects they are animals that have minds of their own which comes along with MANY personalities.. its up to you to find the correct personality that you need.

The horse shopping experience is exactly what you make of it.  Exciting and fun if you are prepared properly or overwhelming and full of confusion if you are not.  It is HIGHLY recommend to get professional help if you are unsure of the process.  They will be able to get you on the right track and hopefully find some good leads to potentially fitting horses. Those of you that are not able to get professional help you really have to start by taking a step back and assessing what your needs and wants are.  Ask your self the questions below to help prioritize your checklist.

  • How much horse experience do you have?
  • What kind of horseman are you?  Ex. Timid, aggressive, passive. etc.. 
  • What style of riding will you be doing? 
  • What type of horse do you need?  (Trail horse, show horse, work horse?
  • How often do you plan on working with the horse. (some horses need ridden daily but other will do fine once a year)
  • What size of horse fits your needs? 
  • Breed? If there is a specific criteria you need to meet
  • How much maintenance are you okay with doing? (This includes the kind of feeding program you will have as well as any injections, medications or etc.
  • How far are you willing to travel for horse shopping?
  • What kind of trial period? (Will you be test riding really quick or keeping the horses for a extended period of time?)

These general questions will help you narrow your search for finding the correct horse for you.

 While looking at a horse make sure and take notice of their body condition and confirmation, by looking at that you will be able to estimate how much maintenance they will need. The disposition of a horse is a major key in horse buying, making sure the horses and rider will be able to work together. With a timid owner you may need more of a been there and done that type of horse, one that is very level headed and easy to handle not needing as much guidance. Aggressive or very disciplined owners are typically able to handle more horse, which means a horse that may be more hot headed or could be very quiet just very athletic and ready to go. Matching the horse and owner is very important, making it easier to form a bond between each other that will tremendously help the owning and riding experience. Previous training of the horse is also a major thing to look at, now keep in mind that every person rides differently so you may not always have perfect ride the first time around but see if you and the horse are able to adapt to each other.  There is such a broad range of training experience a horse can have so its up to the prospective buy to make the decision, wanting a horse that has been just started or barely handled versus a horse that is completely finished and dead broke.

The key is to not get ahead of yourself and really figure out what you need and want. Horse buying can be an experience in its self so by doing your research and knowing want you want will help to assure you have a good experience and get what you are looking for. Its very easy to get overwhelmed so make sure you keep your priorities in line and take any advice that is given. Remember that there is always more to learn no matter how much you may already know!


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hello everyone!

I would like to welcome you to the KD Equine Training blog page where I am excited to have the opportunity to share some equine tips with you from my training program. As a trainer, my ultimate goal is to share my knowledge and experience to horse lovers and give them the tools to have a successful future in the equine industry whether it be for recreational or competition purposes.

KD Equine Training is a mobile business and was established in 2007 specializing in the Hunter/Jumper and Barrel Racing disciplines.  Kora Donnelly, owner and trainer,  takes the up most pride in her versatility as a rider and trainer. Successfully training and showing horses in the English and Western world. The training program that she offers is customized to each horse and rider focusing on their needs and wants. She has committed herself to her clients making sure they can reach whatever goal they have set for themselves.

Kora is excited to provide such a unique service to clients around the Tulsa area. Being a mobile based business has allowed KD Equine Training to be even more customer service oriented.  The trainer traveling to the horse and rider gives more convenience to the clients, not having to worry about hauling the horse every time. If you have any general questions or interested in the training services provided please contact Kora Donnelly at (913)963-1101 or